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CalledOut Music – I’m Yours Lyrics

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CalledOut Music I’m yours Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Once in a lifetime, you get the chance to make things right (yeah)
All of my life, I strayed away from Your beaming light
Now I believe in You



Ehhh Lord it’s You I will follow
Alpha and Omega holder of my tomorrow
I was so blind but right now I see clearly
Gave Your life me, still You’re loving me dearly



I’m Yours, I’m Yours
I’m Yours, I’m Yours
I receive Your love
So make me more like You (x2)

[Verse 2]

Lord whatever You know I need, send it my way (my way)
If it brings me closer to You, send it my way (my way)
Your will over my way or Your way over my will
Whatever it is, whatever it takes, I’ll say yes in a heartbeat


Like You, Like You
Like You, Like You
So make me more like You (x2)

Till Fades …..

I’m Yours Lyrics by CalledOut Music


Written By: CalledOut Music (2021)

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